Game Designer

8-12 yrs
$50000 -$60000


Remote Senior Game Designer. US Employer, full time, work from anywhere.


Cosmogence is a platform that provides remote Senior Game Designer jobs that allow you to work from anywhere for companies in Canada and the United States.

Cosmogence is looking to fill remote Senior Game Designer jobs for our US based clients who are interested in hiring remote, full-time employees from around the world to be a part of their team. You should have a penchant for excellence with a proven track-record of successfully delivering high quality work, be a lifelong learner, have a positive attitude, be self-motivated, and have excellent English skills.

The specific tools and technologies, years of experience and job requirements will vary depending on the client you are hired by, so we are open to a variety of skill types and levels of experience. We’re looking for the best of the best–if you think that’s you, we encourage you to apply! Once you submit your profile, you will undergo our vetting process, and will be considered for a variety of clients. We will match you based on your interests, desired compensation, and their needs.


As a Senior Game Designer, you will work on stimulating game development and strategy. You will balance both quantitative and qualitative insights to design and optimize smart, engaging features for our active and growing user base. We are seeking individuals who will work on our mobile strategy game that combines hero role-playing-game elements with real-time player-versus-player. We believe the best games are made by passionate and entrepreneurial people who feel supported in their endeavours. 

We are looking for excellence in software engineering, superior communication skills, and a great attitude for working in a team of highly talented people. A genuine love for gaming is a huge asset, as is understanding player needs and strategy game mechanics.


• 5+ years game design experience for a shipped product

• 3+ titles shipped as a designer on a dev or publishing team

• Game design degree a plus

• Ability to analyse data into actionable tasks

• Experience and interest with player-driven economies

• Able to design game systems, individual gameplay features; player progressions

• Understanding of game balance, including statistics, virtual goods, economics and user motivations

• Outstanding written and oral communication skills

• Experience writing product specifications

• Self-starter with a good sense of accountability and ownership

• Ability to break down AAA and mobile RTS/Strategy games to its root mechanics and dissect its game balance

• Familiarity with scripting languages or other technical skills related to game development

• A passion for playing and making video games

• Assist with the creative direction of a game including overarching systems and mechanics

• Model and tune complex game systems using Excel

• Deliver innovative features that are engaging and compelling

• Work with engineering and art teams to implement new features and systems

• Continually analyse live data and player feedback to optimize the game

• Provide clear feature documentation, diagrams, wireframes and/or prototypes

• Support with Mentoring other Game Designers

• Manage and balance a dynamic collection of characters in a MOBA game setting

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